About Erin

History of Erin

Erin Horticulture Ltd. was established in the early 80’s, evolving from a peat pot company which started trading in 1960. Over the last 55 years we have learned a thing or two about growing in every sense of the word. From humble beginnings in the 60’s we have sought out new markets and continue to innovate to meet the needs of those markets. Innovation is at the heart of what we do!

We have also learned about change. We continue to move with the times in terms of technology and use best in industry plant and equipment to ensure product consistency and quality at all times. We source responsibly from approved suppliers and pro-actively manage in excess of 300 acres of peatland in the Irish midlands. We are active members of the Growing Media Association and support the development and greater use of suitable alternatives to peat. We work hard to reduce our impact on the environment particularly in the areas of energy usage, water consumption, social compliance, habitat, biodiversity and renewability.

Erin Compost

Appearance and texture are no doubt important but top quality compost gives plants the best possible chance to flourish by providing the ideal balance of nutrients, stability, air and water holding capacity. At Erin we have chosen a variety of quality compost, which includes a quality peat based compost in the Traditional range, quality peat reduced compost in our Excel range, together with peat free ranges, decorative bark and much more.

Without a healthy and vigorous root system no plant can thrive. Roots hold the plant in place and absorb the necessary water and nutrients through the root hairs that are located on the root tips. Erin compost has been proven time and time again to deliver outstanding performance by helping plants to develop healthy and vigorous root systems.

Our Other Brands

LeisureGrow is widely recognised and represents innovation, quality and style in all of our products. Our other brands include:

LG Outdoor: stylish and modern furniture collections for outdoor entertaining,

Grillstream: an innovative range of barbecues with unique patented flare-freegrills,

NOMA: the oldest Christmas supplier in the UK with a range of Christmas lights, trees and decorations that are second to none,

When you buy with LeisureGrow, you are investing in a product that is designed to give years of pleasure.